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Official Rules: NeuroPlus Sweepstakes

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  1. My son is on Concerta and Prozac. We did Therapy as well which seemed to help but he needs more assistance. This would help immensely!

  2. I have had to go private for treatment as NHS does not support diagnosis. I visit and keep in touch with private practitioner but it is costly as he is 300 miles away. I also have other problems that could do with input regarding , depression ,anxiety, rejection sensitive Dysphoria. I feel I need CBT, counseling and although through my private practitioner I am prescribed Methylphenidate 20 mg 3 times a day after taking 1 st tab in morning as soon as I wake up and the next at lunchtime, it seems to go downhill from then on. I feel I really need some other form of help along with meds if I am ever to feel even a bit better and this NeuroPlus Attention Training Video Game System sounds very promising as there are no other forms of help available where I am and I don’t perform well in groups.

  3. My 13 year old son is currently taking concerta, Prozac , clonidine and many supplements from an integrative Dr. He has been to many drs. , counselors over the past 6 years . He is extremely bright but has a very hard time learning . He also struggles socially with his peers. His “cocktail” so to speak, which took 5 years and many different drs. to figure out , is helping him to focus .

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