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"Thank You for Loving Me When I Hate Myself."

A woman with ADHD writes a thank you note to her non-ADHD husband — for believing in her, for being her calm in the midst of an emotional storm, and for always putting the keys in the same place.

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  1. I’m super jealous of ppl who can honestly say your partners fit this description! Me & my bf of 7yrs seem to constantly be arguing about things that I honestly can’t help, like the fact that he thinks I don’t love him & the way I’m late to practically everything! The list could go on but I believe my point is made. All of you who have more down 2 earth partners should consider yourselves very lucky!

  2. I too have one of these guys, who puts his hand on mine when I start breathing different! But it didn’t come overnight. Through many arguments, struggles, it was hard for him to understand me. He couldn’t understand what was going on in my head. Through education I learned to communicate to him what I felt. I educated myself, Then educated him. Thank you to all those who educate all of us on ADHD ❤️.

  3. My husband is pretty great, too. I don’t know how he’s managed all these years, and recently told me he’d missed me when I was gone for a couple of days. I think I’ve gotten better with age, but it’s still a battle. Sometimes I hate ADHD, but nice to know I’m not alone.

    1. I experienced the same thing. I recently went away for three days. Although I assumed my husband would be glad to have a break from my ADHD craziness, he actually said the house was “less colorful” without me. The same ADHD that can is so frustrating for us also has a flipside; our spouses actually love the vibrant and fun-loving side that we have!

  4. This is so perfectly written. Thank you for posting it and for remembering that you too contribute to making things bearable and even fun in your marriage and life together! I consider myself so fortunate to have found someone who accepts my short comings and expresses an abundance of patience even when I’m not really being fair. Thank you again. An excellent post!

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this article. Except for #1, everything else describes my life with my husband to a T. He is so calm and puts up with my ADHD-fueled panic attacks and frustration. I sometimes wonder why he loves me when I feel so imperfect, but he does; that’s what makes love so amazing!

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