Can We Treat ADHD Naturally?
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Can Neurofeedback Effectively Treat ADHD?

“Should my family consider neurofeedback therapy for ADHD symptoms?” It’s a question many clinicians are asked. Studies are encouraging, but not conclusive. Here’s what professionals — and patients — need to know.

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  1. The best decision we ever made was to put our son through a Neurofeedback program with a trained clinician. The results have been amazing, he is able to control his anger, respond appropriately when something doesn’t go as he expected, sit and read, complete homework without a meltdown, complete writing assignments without a meltdown, excel in solution of mathematical problems. Our home has gone from loud and stressed to calm and loving. Everyone who knows him comments on the changes they have witnessed. We also use omega 3, magnesium, B complex, zinc and L-theanine too.

    The cost of the Neurofeedback was worth every penny for us.

    1. I forgot to mention, that although medication was prescribed when we were told by the school that he would need to go to a behavioral unit, we chose Neurofeedback instead. He is now a straight A student participating in a general education class. We did Neurofeedback for 6 mths. Since stopping the treatment we have not seen detrimental changes.

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