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“My ADHD Chaos Is Like a Naughty (Endearing) Puppy”

“Chaos is an unruly puppy that adopted me when I was a kid… It’s always loud and annoying, and it keeps trying to hump or bite me every time I need a bit of rest… But I would honestly really miss Chaos if it ever completely departed my life. It’s been consistent and loyal to me in its own odd little way and I’ve slowly learned to love my Chaos.”

1 Comment: “My ADHD Chaos Is Like a Naughty (Endearing) Puppy”

  1. Hi, nice article, which I could not agree less with.

    I should like all the forgetfulness, extra loops you have to take to mend all the mistake I make every day? I would swap that right away for a boring NT life if I could. I hate it, it is exhausting. It is embarrassing and it interferes with friends and family to an extend that I barely have any (well family don’t have the choice, really…).
    I have read the same about Asperger autism (that Aspies would not want to “cure” it if they could – I have probably got both). I think it has been invented by NTs so we don’t feel so bad. It is certainly politically correct to think that way, but I don’t think it’s true. Certainly not for me.
    I cannot find anything good in it (neither ADHD nor Asperger’s). Honestly. It just makes my life miserable.

    The fact that you are getting good at solving the chaos you have created in the first place should be a strength? No offence, but to me that sounds very sarcastic. Because if a bunch of people get hit by chaos and you as the “Oh that’s my normal life, I can deal with this” neurodiverse person will be seen by the NT (neurotypicals) as the person who does not gage the situation correctly, has no empathy, is the oddball. To me that even adds insult to injury.

    Seems like we have a different approach to this.

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