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"Mozart Helped Me Focus My ADHD Brain."

Focusing the ADHD brain can be tough, but music is a proven tool for engaging the brain and minimize distractions. But why? Learn more about the science behind certain melodies and how they work to keep your attention.

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  1. The common thread is three of those composers are from the Baroque era of classical music. Baroque music helps me focus and concentrate through my Adult ADHD as well. Later forms of classical music don’t work as well for me.

  2. Years ago before I was diagnosed with ADD, I worked in a noisy office.
    To concentrate, I played classical music and used small in-ear buds. I then put on big industrial ear protectors.
    My productivity on repetitive work, such as computer programming, more than doubled.

    The best music for me was solo classical piano by Vladimir Horowitz.

  3. I think it would be great if you could create a (or a few) Spotify playlists which those of us with ADD could listen too in the background while trying to concentrate.

    For me personally I find that trying to concentrate in silence does not work but also different types of music have different effects on my concentration ability. I am yet to narrow down what helps and what makes things worse.

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