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How Music Saved My Son’s Life

My son’s young life was a matrix of appointments — ADHD specialist, child psychologist, occupational therapist, audiologist, speech therapist. He struggled in school and was in trouble more often than not. Then one day he discovered a beat-up, old piano and his entire life followed a new and wonderful trajectory.

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  1. Great Article.

    I discovered I had a curiosity towards music from an early age, around 5. My grandmother had a piano and I was fascinated as to why when she hit the black keys and white keys it made a beautiful sound, however when i pressed them it didn’t. I recall asking my young self the question….why? How does that work?

    Fast forward 50 years and I consider playing the piano (each day) IS my meditation. Apart from about 8 organ lessons (it was the 70’s people) I’ve never had a lesson and taught myself how to read music. What I find most interesting is the way I play….to put it into musical terms it’s almost like my metronome of life in that moment.

    I didn’t really connect into this until 3-4 years ago (same time I was diagnosed at 52). 3 things – ,1)My grandma’s left me some money so I purchased a piano as I wanted her to live on through something more personal, 2) partner of 8 years didn’t encourage or comment on my playing – I used to casually ask..mind if I play some piano? It wasnt until after the relationship ended and I attending some therapy I realised I had attachment issues – started with my mother and being an ADHD child) – as my therapist also mentioned…what does it tell you when you realise you’ve been with someone who doesn’t acknowledge or support this beautiful gift (and thats an entire post for another time)

    So what is it about the piano?…I asked a few musicians. It was interesting when I explained my theory and how they stopped and thought about it at a deeper level.

    I play ‘best’ when I’m connected with the song ie: though I’m reading the sheet music to an extent, I play mostly from head and heart. I have to know the song and if you looked at my books and musicnotes account you’ll see many genres however the theme tends to be love & loss (or a deconstructed popular song into a folk/acoustic/jazz version

    So…for me..when I play I’m singing/playing the song in my head as I’m reading and playing. Zero to Hero – zero = I’m playing too fast, I’m playing for playing sake and not in the moment, by moment, I’m stressed, anxious, brain running million miles an hour. HERO – I’m relaxed, I’m breathing (always a good sign), I’m soooo connected its like I’m riding a beautiful magic carpet…and I Feel every note.

    I play for my own enjoyment. I like the sound I create. After years of ‘asking …mind if I play piano’ , when we split and I moved into my own place, I had 2 girlfriends over for drinks one afternoon. One friend asked, oohh can you play us something…I’m like SURE!. I think it was about the 2nd number I played when I stopped and looked at them both….tears rolling down their faces…I was like….Holy Sh*T what’s happened, what’s wrong? Their response….OMG that was soooo beautiful and moving, I could feel every moment.

    My response…Wow, you get to feel what I feel when I play….that’s amazing. One of the most beautiful compliments I’ve ever received playing.

    For me..its a circular energy and vibration thang. I hear it in my mind, I’m connected, my head, heart and eyes tell my fingers what to do, then from the physical touch the sound is created which then resonates back to the brain. When I’m in flow its the most incredible experience. When I’m not in flow I know. In fact I will stop and keep going back to it that day gto bring about calm and connected.

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