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Q: "When I Multitask, Nothing Ever Gets Completed!"

When you focus on everything just a little bit, nothing gets fully done — and you always feel behind. Instead of multitasking, try assigning certain work to certain days or times and blocking out everything else during those work periods.

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  1. Growing up in the m60’s (long before anyone knew about ADD), my mother always had a list beside her spot at the kitchen table. She would make out the list while she had her coffee and read the paper. Throughout the day, she would cross off her tasks as she did them. She always included even the most ordinary things like making the bed and doing the dishes. As I got older, I realized that this gave her a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Too many times we do not give ourselves credit for all these tasks that must be done to keep a household running, but that NO ONE notices, unless we stop doing them. All these little things take time, and have value. At some point Mom gave up her lists, and began to complain that she had been busy all day, but had nothing to show for her time and effort. I suggested she resume her lists, and the reason why. Problem solved!! She is long gone now, but I still think of her when I have several things I want to remember to get done in a day. And, also when I make my bed, as soon as I get out of it, That seems to make me ready for the day.

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