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25 Great Mobile Apps for ADHD Minds

Forgetful? Disorganized? Time-blind? These ADHD apps and resources won't cure your ADHD symptoms, but they can help level the playing field — if used consistently. (And that's really the hard part, isn't it?)

5 Comments: 25 Great Mobile Apps for ADHD Minds

  1. Some cool suggestions here I’ll be checking out – thank you!

    It looks like Unstuck is no longer available, though. That stinks because it was the one I was most excited for!


  2. While the article was relatively well-written (proper grammar, syntax, spelling) and each paragraph held together on its own, this article felt like a collage of dated paragraphs about a handful of productivity apps that the author finds useful.

    As you know, for many with ADHD, a huge problem is consistency. While I spend some time at my computer, my smart phone goes with me nearly everywhere. Using an iPhone, a Mac and a Fitbit, I have found and tried loads of apps that could be helpful. I have found many, many more that simply add to my electronic clutter. At my peak, I had numerous screens with productivity apps of various categories. Now, I’m cutting back and trying to simplify while keeping the core usefulness of these apps.

    I have used nearly all of the apps you listed and, for my needs, discarded most of them. While I am still culling my productivity apps, I have a few in each category I have yet to delete.

    Productivity apps are constantly appearing and disappearing. Perhaps the crossroads of ADHD (for adults, parents and children), appropriate tech – both hardware and software – could become its own section? If so, then this article could be sliced more effectively to enable the reader to focus on specific kinds of productivity apps and, based on the review and the reader’s needs, decide what’s best.

    Off the top of my head, I can give a few examples:

    1. Several of your listed apps, scattered seemingly randomly, are designed to help with sleep and waking up. Of these apps, some are available for Android and others for iOS. Few, if any, desktop apps would be in this category. So a category within tech & ADHD could be smartphone apps and within that could be apps that help with sleep.

    2. There is no date to reference when this article was written originally. Rather, a misleading “edited” date is given at the end. The date given is within the past month. At least one app you listed has not been available on the Apple App Store for well over a year: 30/30. However, there are other apps (Pomodoro and otherwise) that have been developed in the past year that might be better.

    3. Also in the past 2 years, several fantastic, new to-do apps have been released: Omnifocus 3 and Things 3. Both of these apps can be used right out of the gate but have capacity and capability for the power-user. Both of these apps integrate with other apps (new and old) that are leaders in their respective niche.

    While well intentioned, this article needs to be revisited and rewritten nearly from scratch in my opinion.

    I hope this comment is viewed in the constructive criticism light intended.

  3. I was excited to look into some of these apps. But this needs to be updated. I was not able to find some of the apps with the information given. For someone with ADHD this list did exactly was it was supposed to be avoiding, a lot of time wasted on the surfing the internet.

  4. I’m getting major ADHD just reading about all these apps. Frankly, suffering with ADHD makes me download a bunch of apps just to forget about them all the next day because it gets so overwhelming using them or remembering what you have and what each one is for. For ADHD I feel like it’s important to find one main app that really helps you throughout your day, not 20 of them. Still have no idea which is best for organizing your day.

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