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My Child's Doctor Got It Wrong

I was sure my son had ADHD — until I found out, much later, that he didn't. Here's why the medical community needs to end an epidemic of misdiagnoses.

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  1. What you’re describing isn’t food allergy and your son doesn’t have a “severe milk allergy.” Severe food allergies don’t result in fatigue and inattention, they result in ANAPHYLAXIS. It is disgusting to pretend to have a deadly health condition and it is dangerous to people who actually have food allergy because the public hears so many dangerous myths concocted by attention-seeking people like yourself. Pull yourself together and have a little decency and be glad your son doesn’t actually have a severe allergy.

  2. School diagnosed my kids with dyslexia age 5 and 10 they are now 25 & 31, since being diagnosed at age 55 as ADHD I can now see both my son and daughter are ADHD too…thats a lot of wasted time 🙁

  3. I think because it’s expensive and time consuming. My son was diagnosed as just having a low iq by the school psychologist. After taking him to a neuropsychologist, because we were unhappy with the report,he was diagnonised with sound cognitive ability but ADD. Then we found out that he needed glasses so we also got him checked at a behavioural optometrist and because I’ve been wondering about his hearing we recently took him to a audiologist. He’s been diagnonised with visual problems and also Auditory Processing disorder. So does he really has add ? But to get there we had to take him at our own expenses to different specialists, in our own time. Unfortunately parents going to specialists are exhausted and can’t necessarily deal with a 2 or 3 years process.. and my personal general feelings of doctors is that they don’t have time and I always feel like they want us out of their office ASAP

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