Could ADHD Medication Help My Child?
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“He Needed More Than I Could Give Him”

I swore I would never medicate ADHD in my children. I encourage their interests. I praise their efforts. I even homeschool to mold my kids’ education to their particular needs. But, ultimately, I saw that my efforts would never be enough. My son needed more — and he deserved it, too.

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  1. For years I have tried to navigate this world as a single mother of a ADHD labeled boy. I’ve tried to be the strict mother, the consistent parent, the one to harp on the importance of educaiton and keeping God first. After years of not medicating, and then the past 2 years of medication with minimal improvement, I thought I was going to break. Two days I decided I needed help, I needed support and I Googled… In 2 days, the articles that I have rad have each made me cry, because finally I feel as though I’m not alone in this and others are going through the same. That in itself has helped me. Thank you!

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