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No More "What's For Dinner?" Stress

Planning dinner can be stressful — especially if ADHD leaves you feeling disorganized and unprepared. Take the guesswork out of meal planning with these tips for creating a menu and staying organized at the grocery store.

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  1. Unbelievable that there’s no image of the ‘planner’ included on this page, especially considering how many of us are visual learners. I tried to include the crappy, low res image from the crappy, low res image included in the email with the link to this article. It vaguely shows what is described in this article. Important is the fact that the different ‘users’ (kid 1 lunch, kid 2 lunch, dinner) are the 3 vertical columns and the 5 days of the week are the horizontal rows. Maybe someone from ADDitude will add the image to this page.

  2. Great overall, but – please tell me that was a typo when you said to leave frozen food on the counter overnight and put it in the fridge the next morning…?! Not a good way to thaw in general, but ESPECIALLY NOT MEAT!

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