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The ADHD Symptoms That Complicate and Exacerbate a Math Learning Disability

Nearly a third of children with ADHD also have a math learning disability. These conditions and other comorbidities, when present in the same patient, are never separate and distinct. Their symptoms impact and complicate one another in ways that educators and clinicians must take into account when designing effective remediation strategies.

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  1. There are a lot of rituals in teaching math that schools have dispensed with — and for most kids it made life easier. But those rituals were there for *everyone* to learn, including the kid without a particularly number-inclined disposition. Learning about measurement with sensory objects is now a feature of 3rd grade but it used to be a plaything in preK… Learning to write the problems down helped those kids with processing speed and weak processing memory — now you need to be in 7-8th grade to start to write things down — a skill that comes way too late for most kids. The list is long…

  2. I have two grown boys with ADHD, there were not many options when they were in public school and they were both in Montessori school for much of their grade school years. The question is how do I help them now. One son was completely traumatized by one of his HS math teachers, the other one needs intermediate algebra to finish his Associates Degree – he does have disability accommodations – he has taken the class numerous times and hasn’t been able to pass. I’ve hired tutors, my husband has sat with them, the one thing that worked the best was a daily math class where the homework was done in class but that isn’t always possible at the community college level. Now they are adults they need to take responsibility and do it for themselves.

  3. I was diagnosed as ADHD at age 55 in 2018 I have struggled with the medication which I find is allowing me to see where the ADHD is affecting my abilities but am frustrated as I still can’t get organize or prevent getting distracted. I can’t do the 24-hour clock, have no sense of direction, I often copy numbers down wrong, I cant use a calculator nor reliably set an alarmclock, If I am ADHD with Dyscalculia what would benefit me, I need help.. Thank you Heather

  4. To snoon: I challenge whether you really need a diagnosis of MLD. What would you do with a diagnosis that you can’t already do? Children have fewer choices in their learning environment and need the diagnosis to provide more tools and flexibility to navigate the formal education system.In contrast, if you identify with parts of this article, use that knowledge to strengthen the areas you need. If you want to strengthen your math ability, there are great free and paid services. For example, week out Khan Academy videos that step through each layer of math. If you prefer an in person assessment and lots of working exercises, there are places like Kumon, where you work at your own practice and only advance once you obtain mastery of the previous topic.

  5. If an recently diagnosed adult suspects they may have a MLD, how would they go about getting a diagnosis?
    There are a number of sources for children, but less for adults. I brought it up to my GP & she had me talk to my neurologist. The Neuro said that wasn’t his area.

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