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"Raising an Extreme Child Requires an Extreme Marriage"

Eight ways to man the battle stations of matrimony when a challenging child almost blows it to smithereens.

4 Comments: "Raising an Extreme Child Requires an Extreme Marriage"

  1. Great article! Don’t give up – your child will grow up and hopefully you will have navigated all the stages you’re going through. Learn all you can about your child’s condition and challenge the doctors if need be. My son’s teachers did not know enough about ADD years ago and I was told at a parent conference (when my husband was in the hospital gravely ill) that “he didn’t turn in 9/17 assignments.” Um….really? And you knew he was on medication and didn’t think to tell me this as it was occurring? Back then, no computers so I went home and wrote a long letter to the principal about this situation. You could have flipped the paper over and read it in Braille I wrote so hard. When I delivered it I included some written articles on ADD (this was 1989) and she promised to review them. She called me the next day apologizing and also said there would be an in-service day in the near future and said she would pass along my articles and go over better communication with the teachers. Take your passion and do what you can with it…make a difference. My son is now 38 and doing well on his own. I still have a marriage. Link arm-in-arm and do it together one hour at a time. Hope this helps someone!

  2. Thank you for this article. I’m a wife of two special needs children, my oldest has ADHD amongst other challenges and my husband has ADD….this article helped provide a little clarity during a very challenging time.

  3. i have gone thru what you are going thru and it tests any humans ability to stay sane. i wish i could have done the things you mentioned. i had only one son he was from the start a very alert baby. to a very alert toddler to a very alert child to a very alert teen and now alert adult. full of energy and stubbornness like no other . he had learning issues and hearing issues allergies . but always smiling . he is now such a creative person smart but still very ADHD.. meds work on him but not great. im now 58 and finally relaxing a bit . all i can say is keep a good sense of humor. dont worry so much .

  4. We’ve lived through infidelity and a child from that but honestly this feels harder. I’m so tired of feeling me are climbing over mountains. Thank you for the post, will definitely take the advice.

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