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17 Ways to Throttle Intense Emotions

We asked our readers: Which therapy, treatment, or strategy has helped you best manage the difficult emotions that can come with ADHD?

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  1. I have had incredible success with Meditation and Mindfulness! I am able to be completely aware of when my body is being over-run by things such as anxiety, shame, guilt, fear, self-hate etc AND I am able to control it and accept it and let it go!! I feel so much more peace and focus than I ever have in my life. I have prayed to God so much for help and I know that this is what He brought to me and it’s so much more than I could have imagined. I have been faithfully practicing GUIDED Meditation every day for 5 months and I noticed improvements in a very short time in how I was managing my day-to-day life and emotions.

    When I have tried Meditating in the past, it was impossible for me, due to my extremely busy and creative and worrying mind BUT a friend told me about the Calm App and it is FABULOUS!! It has changed my life!! You can try many features for free and then it is about $5 per month US for a subscription and you will not believe all of the tools on there to help with all of the things we struggle with DAILY including things like emotions or anxiety when we are trying to fall back asleep (there is an entire Sleep section). I love, love, love it!! I have never left a comment before but after reading your article and seeing NO ONE mentioned Meditation and Mindfulness, I HAD to share my experience to help!!!

    And yes, I would agree with others that ADDitudeE Magazine is the absolutely, hands-down, best resource I have ever seen for ADHD! Nearly every article I read, I feel like I could have written because I can relate SO well and there are many… a ridiculous amount… of tools and tips that I have either already figured out on my own OR I have started trying. WELL DONE and… THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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