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Be Your Own Life Coach

Setting goals — even if they're abstract — can be a good way for adults with ADHD to feel more in control of their life.

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  1. This is so cool, because I have done the same thing! Only, I got the idea from the show NCIS. I wanted to make my own rules to live by. I am still working on these rules, they change depending on what you need. I think I started 3 or 4 years ago with them. I get ideas from tv, music, books, quotes people say or just ideas to simplify life. They are so helpful. Just recently, I hit a breakthrough with these and I think my list is set.

    1. FEARLESSLY Be Yourself
    3. (I won’t post this one because not everyone believes in God like I do.)
    4. Live in the Moment
    5. Let it Be
    6. Be Simple (This one used to be KISS – but I took out Stupid, I think that is a bad word!)
    7. It Will Pass
    8. Be Grateful

    Like I said, these are always getting adjusted. The first 4, however, are my life rules and will not change (anymore). I have made a document on my computer, made a copy for my phone, and memorized these. They truly help a lot!! Everyone needs their own set though. Everyone has to go down THIER OWN path in life, especially if you struggle with ADHD. The world will make you feel dumb and alone, but trust me there is a place for you all!

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