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"What If You Have <i>That</i> Kid?"

The kid who is too loud and winds up the in principal’s office every week for acting up — and who is kind and loyal to his friends, hugs you tight at bedtime, and tells you that you are the best mom…and means it. That wonderful kid.

4 Comments: "What If You Have <i>That</i> Kid?"

  1. You are lucky and you are doing well. I had a lot of those issues but instead of being loud became a loner. I spent most of my life being different and knowing it. I am glad you and your son are helping each other

  2. This felt like I was reading about my son, right down to the hugs every day. It’s so hard to see him struggle with others, when he has such a good, kind heart. It’s so hard to see his peers roll their eyes, to feel like adults are judging. This article is a much-needed reminder to LET GO of what others think. Because I am one lucky mama to have a son who still shares his thoughts with me, and brings a lot of joy into my life.

    1. Yes you are one lucky mama! Help him to be proud of who he is. My son is now 15. It DOES get better – if you keep him strong and proud. xo

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