Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Is It ADHD or Autism? Or Both?

Could your child with ADHD also have autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Or was the original diagnosis possibly incorrect? Here are several case studies that demonstrate how to get a comprehensive evaluation and an accurate diagnosis — and how to best support your child.

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  1. My son (just turned 17) was dx with ADHD-I in Spring 2010. That fall, we started with stimulant meds. We got lucky in that in only a few months we found what worked (Vyvanse). But he still had the social & personal care skill disconnect, along with still avoiding eye contact.
    Then came the dx of Anxiety, Depression *and High Functioning Autism* – at age 15!!
    So we are now working against bad skills learned, typical teen ‘tude, and the ADD + ASD. Luckily my son WANTS to be helped. As long as he doesn’t have to do too much work, of course. But at least he’s aware of it, which his team of therapists says is good. Now to figure out what his personal currency is to get things done, so he will learn the skills he’ll need for life.

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