Teens with ADHD
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Inside Your Teen's ADHD Mind

“Adolescent boys with ADHD are their own worst enemies because they refuse to ask for help." How to help your teenage son recognize his strengths, take responsibility, and succeed in high school.

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  1. Same here, title was misleading. But thanks for articles relavant to girls. Please keep posting teen related content, there is such a huge gap in information for this age group.

  2. I was excited to read the headline of this story,but then disappointed to see that it is focused on teenage boys only. What about the experiences of teenage girls with ADHD? I want to get inside my 16 yo daughter’s mind!

    I’m feeling the irony of this omission, since I’m aware that it is more difficult for girls to get diagnosed with ADHD since the female manifestation of the condition is often not detected because of the inherent male oriented bias of the evaluation. Perhaps there is a bias in reporting also.

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