Executive Dysfunction
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The Adult ADHD Mind: Executive Function Connections

A chef who can't find her ingredients. An orchestra trying to play without a conductor. Thomas Brown, Ph.D. uses these metaphors — as well as a strong dose of hard-hitting science — to break down what's really going on in the mind of an adult with ADHD. Read on for clarity.

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  1. I found the section on keyboarding very interesting, I have that exact problem but never thought about it that way. Another way to see if you have ADHD tendencies if to stop after a couple of working and count how many web pages and email folders are open. My count was 9 web pages opened and 6 email folders.

  2. The little blurb under the article titled “The Truth About ADHD: It’s Not Black and White” has a mistake.
    The first sentence says “ADHD is black and white, where one either does or does not have the characteristics, where there is no “almost” or “a little bit.”
    I’m assuming it should read “is not”

  3. I constantly struggle with my feelings about my own ADHD. Some days I’d say I really have a problem, but other days I’m pretty productive. This has been my entire life, so it’s “normal” for me. I’ve tried a stimulant, and it wasn’t very helpful. Also, good luck trying to find a therapist who really knows how to help. I often get frustrated reading about the people who complain about coping. If that’s all you’ve ever known, frustration is normal. But the one thing I really related with in this article was the husband who needed to fix the screen. That’s me! The distractions can be overwhelming, and so many things grab me as I’m trying to get one thing completed! Fortunately, my husband is relatively easygoing.

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