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How to Light a Fire Under Your Brain's Butt

These strategies for productivity might not belong in a time management book — but they work for those of us with ADHD.

5 Comments: How to Light a Fire Under Your Brain's Butt

  1. “Sweet Spot”… LOVE IT! So nice to know there really is someone else like me! I have felt discouraged when I CANNOT get things done the way “ADD experts” suggest, either. That SWEET SPOT is awesomely sweet, however elusive. If it could be bottled we would make a fortune!!! Maybe the experts can work on that, or perhaps a book on how to activate/harness/manage the SWEET SPOT!!? ❤️☝🏻

  2. The paragraph that starts ‘it’s funny though…’ defines my work and school productivity. If my plate is not full, I struggle to get anything done. If I have a full calendar, I am set.

  3. I will try the tactic of doing the “fun stuff” first. For me it would be do the easier stuff first. I will see if it gets me in that hyperproductive zone I crave to find every day.

  4. Thank you for this article. I very much can relate to doing the “fun stuff first” then breeze right through once in the groove. i have all my life wondered why I am the way i am. 🙂

  5. Awesome article! Thank you. This really resonated for me…so much so that I bothered to register and log in so I could make this comment. Of course, that was three hours ago…but I’m back! Super practical, realistic, and experiences I can really relate to.

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