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Improve Working Memory: Brain Training Tricks

Everyone occasionally loses her keys or forgets an important date. But when it's a habit, you may be dealing with poor working memory related to ADHD. Learn how making checklists and developing routines can get you on track.

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  1. Create ideas and dive into concepts that mirror how your brain processes information. Mind Map AR by ScapeHop offers you a new world of thought generation and exploration.

  2. Following multi-step directions is a big one for me. The first time I had to put a new roll of paper towels in our touchless paper towel dispenser was “fun.” I took out the empty tube, read the directions inside on the back, did step 1 – put the new paper towel roll in. Now I can’t see the directions, nor can I remember whether the paper towels feed over or under the bar across the front. So I take out the paper towels and read step 2. Repeat step 1, do step 2. Remove the roll, read step 3. Redo steps 1 & 2, do step 3. Once you get to step 5, everything else is pretty common sense, so I didn’t have to go back and read them – close the door, take out the key, tear off the little bit of paper towel I fed through at step 5. Needless to say, I have those really simple steps down now.

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