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"How I Use Art to Explain My ADHD"

The ADHD experience is unique, and explaining it to others can be challenging. As an artist, I've used illustrations to help people better understand the condition. Have a look — and a laugh — at some of my ADHD-inspired comics here.

2 Comments: "How I Use Art to Explain My ADHD"

  1. Your illustrations say it all! I was diagnosed at about age 65, and I have the same on/off switches, meandering stories — lost broccoli, only some of my costs of abandoned hobbies are — well, I don’t want to talk about it!

    The switches would make a great poster : laughing is so much better than wincing.

  2. Dani is my hero for so many reasons. She’s 30 plus years younger than me but what she expresses is relatable to most Adhers.
    I thought she lived in Omaha, Nebraska ??

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