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“No, I Am Not an Airhead. I Just Have ADHD!”

I didn’t think there was a reason for my behaviors, until my friend compared me to ever-forgetful Dory in the Disney movie.

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  1. I can relate. I felt I was just stupid growing up. Did horrible in school, infuriated my teachers. The one thing I loved was sneaking drawing pictures, to which when I was caught it was crumbled up and thrown into the trash like my soul. Having undiagnosed ADHD as a child was a disability – I can attest to that. I was becoming a failure and decided to act on my every impulse and did not care who I was hurting. My mother and brother joked about how my future room would have bars. They weren’t far from the truth. God has brought me a looong way and paired me with my perfect half who helps me to live by example and not with my ADHD brain. I really blossomed when I met him and he refused to see any of these “flaws”. I was able to be creative as much as I liked without restraint. He always built me up which was so shocking to me, that I had to marry him! Still is the love of my life 12 years later. for the long version 🙂

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