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How Do I Get Distracted? Let Me Count the Ways

There are numberless opportunities for people with ADHD to get thrown off track. But think about all the distractions you dodge to get stuff done.

4 Comments: How Do I Get Distracted? Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Thanks for sharing, nice to know it’s not just me! Sometimes when my anxiety and ADHD go head to head I have to make a list just to unpack groceries after a shopping trip. Yes, from take things out of bag, to put in fridge/freezer items, etc.

  2. There is a rich irony in the this article.

    I often do NOT come to the site to read about things because the site itself is immensely distracting…and this article is a perfect example.

    Near the end of the first article, she talks about how she gets distracted easily. Unfortunately for all of us with ADD reading the article, “get distracted easily” is hyperlinked to an article about how not to get distracted.

    I ended up drifting to a different article three different times while trying to read the article. Why? There are 5 hyperlinks within the article text and another 3 links to “helpful” guides or articles in between paragraph breaks.

    Editors, if reading this… Please please please don’t use hyperlinks inside an article as it’s to damn easy to click and go on a reading rabbit hole trip.

    Maybe just provide a list of links are the end of the article so we don’t confront them whole reading? It’s unfortunate that for revenue’s sake links are needed, but it’s not good for the ADD readers. 🙁

  3. You’ve nailed it. I’ve been “getting the garden in” for at least 4 weeks. Last year, I ran out of time, so gave up the garden plan. (Plan?) This year I am determined. I ordered the seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, and some starter roots from another. I was too busy to start the seeds on time, instead just started them when I could get to it. I had 2 yards of screened soil delivered, along with 2 yards of woodchips for mulch and edges. But I never cleaned out last year’s weeds and grasses,so before adding new soil and putting in the seedlings, I had to clean out all garden beds. We use raised beds, and boards needed replacing. We ordered the lumber. It’s still not here. Meanwhile, I dogsit for a friend when she travels. She had a conference to attend on the west coast, leaving me with her dog, who then stopped eating (and other things), and ended up at the vet…twice. After all settled back down dog-wise, I continued to pull weeds and grasses, to be ready for the new boards. I put in the plants that I could. The boards aren’t here, the planting is not done, and tomorrow we leave for a week for a family gathering in honor of my mother-in-law’s passing. I’ll bring home her two cats, with all the attendant tasks related to settling them into a household with an existing cat, a dog, and 3 rabbits. Oh, and Saturday we added the new fence around the beds to keep the silly deer and yard-bunnies from munching the peas.

    And here I sit, writing this long message, including every detail, when I should be planting and packing. Maybe the lumber will be here when we come home? Ah, summer.

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