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"I Feel Like I'm Not Good Enough Sometimes"

A 10-year-old with ADHD learns to fight through his doubts about himself.

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  1. To hmwow- you are so far off its amusing. He’s only comparing him struggling with something to someone he admires that also struggled with something. Get a grip & don’t put down a 10 year olds thinking because That behavior is what’s APPALLING!!!

  2. How wonderful you were able to connect with such an important historical figure! In a way, both of you are experiencing lack of “inclusion” Your article came across very mature and well thought out. My 11 year old daughter has ADHD too, so its wonderful to hear your point of view about adhd. We live in Canada and have been very fortunate to have experienced a school that was inclusive of all children including those with adhd, autism, non verbal, and wheelchair just to mention a few. They allowed breaks to walk or get a drink too, but they also offered wiggle seats, bands that stretch across chair to kick and fidgets. This is her first year in middle school and she finds doodling on blank pages to be helpful. At home we have alarms that help us remember to pack our backpack for school the night before and have a special spot where it lives on route to the door, so it’s harder to forget lol! A post it note on the door near the handle or on your shoes can be a helpful reminder as well. And now I will share with you what I tell my daughter: there will always be people out in the world who say or do things that are thoughtless or unkind. But that’s not on you, that’s their challenge. They may not even realize how they are coming across to others. Always treat others the way YOU want to be treated. Try to do things from a place of kindness. Don’t let someone’s negative opinion become your reality because YOU ARE A CHAMPION! Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts, as a mom I am very grateful for kids like you!

  3. @hmwow: He isn’t saying his problems are as bad as those of Jackie Robinson, he’s saying that Jackie Robinson’s courage in the face of struggle inspired him to do the same. And, fer cry yi yi, even if you think that’s an inappropriate comparison, the idea that you can look at an article in which a ten-year-old describes the kind of struggle that this boy describes and dismiss the whole article as ‘highly inappropriate’ because you disagreed with that one part of it… now, that strikes me as highly inappropriate. Even if you need to disagree with that part, then have the humanity to acknowledge that this is a kid who’s going through a horrible time and not getting the support he needs and who’s been brave enough to a) write about this and b) declare his intent to go on doing his best rather than give up. Don’t just dismiss the entire thing the way you did.

  4. I think that this is a highly inappropriate article. Although these adhd symptoms are super severe, the comparison to Jackie Robinson and how he had to face racism daily is appealing to me. How are you going to compare feeling inadequate with your adhd brain to Jackie Robinson being socially and racially degraded? It just doesn’t make sense to me how somebody can compare something so serious and horrible as racial segregation to their feelings of worthlessness. Wow

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