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Hyperfocus — at Your Service

7 steps to help your ADHD brain harness that amazing — but elusive — ability to concentrate on a task, tune out distractions, and get things done. Your guide to productive hyperfocus at work.

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  1. Mojo Muse Motivation…
    I’d love to be able to turn it off and on. Instead I tidy up and procrastinate whilst searching and waiting for that mythical safe space.

    The time-chunking works for me but not relevant when hyperfocussed – set the timer for 14 hours maybe… check I’ve eaten etc!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the timer- its the reason Pomodoro method doesn’t help me. If i’m in a real state of hyper focus, taking a break would kill it. My brain doesn’t transition well so if I stop working there is a real chance the spell will break.

  2. I have had a successful career because of my ability to hyper focus, I was like a dog with a bone and would never stop working on the exciting projects. But it has been at the expensive of a quality personal life. And when children came (after I was 40) and I had to split time between work and home, my performance in both areas started to slip. Being able to turn on and off the hyper-focus super power would be a great thing to be able do. I think a more in depth article about it could be really helpful. (recognizing it cannot be too long or no one on this website -including me- would read it all the way through.

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