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“I Need a Plan for Using a Planner”

You bought a planner to keep track of your life, but now you're struggling to keep track of your planner! An ADHD coach explains how to avoid the common mistakes that get in the way of successfully using a planner.

2 Comments: “I Need a Plan for Using a Planner”

  1. I felt a need to say thanks: I am also that person who gets completely into a new way to plan my days, picking the perfect planner, etc, only to have everything collapse. This provided both a laugh ( laughing with, not at) and a little hope. Now I have to go find some appointment cards for stuff i never put on m calendar . . .

  2. I agree that you must find a planner and planning system that works for you. I started with a Bullet Journal but became overwhelmed with all of the artistic options that I saw online. I ended up switching to a Jibun Techo journal (Japanese). Google it. Also, there are great youtube videos about it and a Facebook page for users.

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