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"Q: How Can I Teach Empathy to My 15-Year-Old?"

The teen years see remarkable (and sometimes jarring) development in the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for emotions — regulating your own and tuning into the emotions of others. Here, learn how to help your adolescent better “read” and understand how other people are feeling.

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  1. This article is SO Very True. For all of my son’s life. I used to Pray for God to give him just one good friend. He has one bet friend now, and he is 38. It is true that these kids, especially boys, mature slower than their peers. Expect them to get along better with those who are a few years younger. It does not get any easier when they are grown and in the work world. I am now seeing this in my grandson, and it hurts my heart. He will ask repairmen who come to the house, if they will be his friend. Now, with the Covid, making and having friends is even harder. All we can do is to try to teach our ADHD kids to think abut “How would you feel if someone did/said that to you?” hat empathy doe snot come naturally to them.

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