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Stop Beating Yourself Up Already

"Incompetent." "Stupid." "A loser." You wouldn't tolerate these insults from a friend or loved one, so stop saying them to yourself. Learn how to reverse the negative thinking that leaves you feeling depleted and defeated with this approach from Dr. Ned Hallowell.

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  1. You made ADHD issues sound trivial. What about the people who make mistakes frequently that have much worse consequences than a bad hair day? Mistakes that cost real loss, like relationships and money.

  2. This was very informative! I’m excited to apply the suggestions in my life. It’s so draining to have such a destructive pattern in my life and not to know how to stop it. I’m grateful for the help I’ve already received here, I also look forward to future articles that I know can improve my life! This is big! Thank you ❤️

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