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How to Solve 8 Common Behavior Problems in the Classroom

Incessant pen clicking. Lashing out when things go wrong. Lying. And other classroom behavior problems common among students with ADHD — solved.

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  1. It think it is good for them to know ” That the point is they took it without asking if”.if it was not theirs.
    If you picked it up to use without asking and did not put it back does not necessarily mean stealing that involves his attention span he or she did not remamber to put it back.
    Now there is “ stealing”it is intentional and there is no intention of putting it back or giving it back.
    Do you know for a fact they stole it or just took it without permission.
    When you pick something up in your area and forget to put it back “did you steal it”.
    These young ones need correction if they steal because there is consequence for the thieft.
    However they do not need to be branded a thief.

  2. I think some of these suggestions are not good at all. Most are common sense that I do already. However some are just rewarding bad behavior and sending the wrong message. When a child steals something it shouldn’t be called “borrowed” like a used car is ‘pre owned” call a spade a spade for once and stop the phoney double speak. When a child tries to steal an object they shouldn’t be given a chance to “earn” it. That’s ridiculous so next time they want something all they have to do is try to steal it. What’s the worst that could happen? If they get away with it great if not who cares they won’t get in trouble. They just have to wait next week and they’ll probably “earn” it anyway. NO negative consequences ever!!

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