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“Learning to Let Go of ADHD What-Ifs and Regrets”

“Though this post-diagnosis introspection was insightful, I knew it best not to get stuck in a rabbit hole of regret.”

2 Comments: “Learning to Let Go of ADHD What-Ifs and Regrets”

  1. One of the “joys of learning about your ADHD at age 70 is almost no regrets. Survival and my first cop beatdown didnt happen til I got out of my car for a Xmas roadcheck.” At 73,I didnt know you didnt get out “ cops knee on neck in Canada while I was waiting forsurgery to replace a heart valve . Not my fault that a cop was hanging on my door when I opened it.
    No i was thrilled to have survived it. Both my son and my grandson had ADHD. Kicked out of High school on my 16th Birthday, I had taken the rewarding for me choice of joining the Armed Forces the following year. Despite leaving there 4 years later, i used the self discipline it taught me to excel in the workplace ( Insurance company Head Office) and then later for AON and A consulting partnership and finally my own Consulting company. Retiring at 60 I sufferred the consequences of all those important functions I had given to those around me. Those were truly awful. Being on time, not blowing a gasket for a minor insult, Forgetting things. What to do with no assistant. Yes it has taken me a substantial amount of time to live with my “Gift” but I wouldnt have it any other way .

  2. Man, grief, embarrassment, and regret are still things I deal with after getting an ADHD diagnosis at 39. This one really resonated with me!

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