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“Healing from Heartbreak, the ADHD Way”

Love hurts. Love scars. For those of us with ADHD, traits like rejection sensitive dysphoria, big feelings, and obsessive thinking prolong and worsen the pain of a breakup. After a heavy dose of heartache, I’m here to share my tips for moving on.

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  1. Can’t bear to look at those momentos? Stick them in a box where you will promptly forget about them for 3 years, when you find them by accident looking for something else.

    It is recommended that you wait at least 6 months, preferably a year, after ending a long-term relationship before starting a new relationship. Wasn’t a long-term relationship? The rule of thumb is 30-90 days. If you’ve had a bunch of back-to-back short-term relationships, you may want to take at least 6 months before starting a new one. Basically, you need to give yourself time to get rid of the baggage from your previous relationship(s) before starting a new one. We keep enough excess junk; we don’t need that baggage too.

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