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33 ADHD-Friendly Ways to Get Organized

Want a clean home? An efficient office? Getting organized with adult ADHD is possible — and straightforward — thanks to organizing guru Judith Kolberg and her 33 top organization strategies for work and home.

3 Comments: 33 ADHD-Friendly Ways to Get Organized

  1. I have learned quite a bit from this website, but this article is bizarre. A 33 item list to support people with ADHD? I think I saw 3 of them, not in that order, and skipped to the comments due to overwhelm. And the “try harder” undertone is not even an undertone. How about a list of 3 things? Or a series of one at at time? I wonder how many people with ADHD actually got through the list.

  2. Lots of good ideas, though I’m very wary of support groups. I’ve joined a few for various reasons, and they tend to be dominated by a few people who try to out-pathetic everyone else. “My ADHD is MUCH worse than yours! I’ve suffered more than anyone else from this. Let me tell you all about it!” etc. etc.

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