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“I Am an Excellent Starter. The Trouble Is Finishing.”

“Beginnings are delicious and full of excitement. But there is no real satisfaction without completion. I want a finished product, a publication, the glory of a checklist full of checkmarks. But with an ADHD brain that struggles with poor working memory, extended focus, and slogging through the mundane, it’s challenging to get to The End of anything.”

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  1. Thank you Jill for writing this article (and congrats on finishing it). I can relate to it all, as I sit here procrastina-typing at my desk while glancing at the stacks of un-done beginnings (bag of crochet yarn- oh that’s right, I was gonna make a hat last month; stacks of greeting cards never sent; and on and on. And I chuckled when I read “Say it with me: ….. I do not need to complete that Airbnb review.” because here I am commenting on a magazine post which I just haphazardly clicked on to read when I was intending to skim through my Inbox for 2021 receipts since I need to start my Tax Return paperwork, but oh darn it’s 10:00 pm already and I’m too tired now and should probably pack my lunch for tomorrow because I have to leave for work early and oh well….#5 Forgive Myself. Thank you for that reminder.

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