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How To-Do Lists Are Saving My Life. Really.

An ADHD adult recovering from alcoholism explains how the 12-step program keeps him from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

2 Comments: How To-Do Lists Are Saving My Life. Really.

  1. Hello Bill,
    Thank you, your article is spot-on. I grew up in AA (Mom was the alcoholic, and also the ADHDer in my early life. Who knew? 🙂 She sobered in 1965, and passed away in 2008, with 43 years of sobriety!)
    I’m very familiar with the 12 steps, and I appreciate the way you also apply them to manage your ADHD. One of my favorite acronyms is HALT: Don’t get too Hungry, too Angry, too Lonely, or too Tired. All of these also apply to ADHDers, because my symptoms worsen tremendously when I ignore these 4 rules.
    Again – thanks for your article!
    ~ Rita

  2. I use a similar method. Steps 8 and 9 are perfect for this, because we literally make a list, take action, and cross off items on the list. I told my old sponsor and will tell my new sponsor that I work best with having lists and goals. When there are tasks that I have and deadlines to make I work much better. I say the serenity prayer multiple times a day and I say that I am powerless over my alcoholism and my ADHD. When I put my sobriety and management of my ADHD first my life gets significantly better.

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