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How Hyperfocus Helps in an Emergency

My ADHD son called home after a car accident, unhurt, but terrified. I rushed to help him, thankful for my own ADHD perspective and ability to hyperfocus when it matters the most.

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  1. This article really struck me. Especially the lines:
    if every day of your ADD/ADHD life you wake up already engulfed in a roaring overwhelming flood of extremely urgent but
    completely confused and unrelated information hitting you non-stop, all at once
    God, do I know that feeling. But what also struck me is that some how, I have managed to do just what this dad did. Except in my career. I manage Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – which is not as exciting as it sounds. Trust me! And of course, when it is exciting, that’s usually the thing you’re trying to avoid. But somehow, despite the immense organizational aspects of the job – matching this business process up with these three applications and documenting how their used … ad nausium – I am pretty darn good at what I do. And i am actually very good when we put the stuff into action – most often just in a test setting. Who knew that ADHD might actually help with something like this!?

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