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"How Do You Handle E-Mail Overload?"

I'm overwhelmed by the number of e-mail addresses and inboxes I juggle for work. How can I get control and organize my e-mail without feeling overloaded?

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  1. Ally,
    If you don’t really need all the email accounts cut out the one you really rely on most. Or another option is put all of the email accounts that aren’t your work emails on your phone and read them when you’ve got the time. When it comes to work, always be aware of your boss’s emails. They take precedence over everything else. Either you or your IT guru can put your work email on your phone so you can frequently check for work related messages. Skim through, block unwanted senders and delete junk mail if your company doesn’t have a spam filter.
    A bad habit we who have ADHD do is “multi-task”. Chose the priority that has to be done today especially if it comes from your boss. If it’s your boss overwhelming your “To Do List” ask her what order she would like the list of tasks done in. I would also recommend reading: “The One Thing” by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. It helped me.

    Good Luck,



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