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Hormonal Changes & ADHD: A Lifelong Tug-of-War

As estrogen and testosterone levels rise and fall through each stage of life, ADHD symptoms swing with them, according to new ADDitude research on hormonal changes.

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  1. Ok, this hit the mark, hard! I was diagnosed with Adult ADD in my mid-39’s after I feared dementia or Alzheimer’s. We tried numerous meds and found generic amp/dex 20mg 3xDay worked best for smooth support for 12 hours. Great for 15+ years. I mentor others and started recognizing my symptoms of under-medication had gotten quite severe. I requested a med adjustment and my doctor agreed to try 30mg – until we discovered we couldn’t get it. Switched to Vyvanse for interim – 60 V felt like 20mg amp/dex – 70 V corrected problems, but I crash at 3:30/4 each day – rendering me useless each evening. (And wow, can I make a Mess while accomplishing nothing!!!)
    My doctor went to switch me back to amp/dex 30mg 3x but my insurance won’t issue a Prior Authorization and insists that I stay at 20mg. Like most of us, I have been promoted because of my ADHD superpowers, but always fear the loss of my job because I forgot to do something critical. The titration process from starting me on 30 Vyvanse (It interfered with my ability to talk or initiate tasks) to 60 (confused and agitated) to finally 70 V has been emotionally traumatic and I’m starting to get chest tightening anxiety that’s making it difficult to breathe. How do we provide the proof needed to get the help we need to function like a human? I’m desperate. I can’t keep facing prescription roulette. Thank you all for being here!!! Phil

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