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When Hobbies Turn Into Obsessions: Diaries of ADHD Hyperfocus

“When I was trying to decide what to give my friend for her birthday, I found videos for designing a beautiful brooch. Two months and £200 later, my friend's birthday passed, sans brooch, leaving me with an expensive obsession in second-hand beading paraphernalia.”

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  1. Many years ago I had a boyfriend whose grandmother was taking a painting class. I asked her how she got interested in painting. She explained that it was a new thing and that all her life her hobby was “trying new hobbies”. I loved that! It stuck with me all these years (since I was 21) and I’ve never felt guilty about trying new crafts. I’m careful not to overspend but I usually work on a new craft for 6 months to 2 years before I move on to something new. It’s fun and rewarding and my mom gets a different gift every Christmas! ha ha

  2. I have been the same way most my life. The one constant is my photography since about 2000.

    Unfortunately it is a very expensive addiction. Constantly upgrading cameras and lenses .Glued to YouTube tutorials for hours on end.

    Downside. Is get overwhelmed with the number of images to process. Due to shooting 300-500 images per game of grandkids baseball games. And sometimes 3-4 games per day. Both Saturday and Sunday.And working nights. As I can’t do a day job due to sleep issues. {{ forehead slap }}

  3. Stacy isn’t the only one who loves learning. I’ve often said if I could afford it, I’d be a professional student! I also have a ‘craft’ room with drawers labeled, Beading, Sewing, Tatting, Crochet (with the attending, Yarn drawers), etc, etc. I also have shelves and shelves of books. Does Pack Ratism go along with ADHD?

  4. This is something that runs in my family, with varying degrees of success. My dad got into archery for several years and ended up teaching himself how to make traditional English and eastern European bows. He attended a ukelele workshop at a festival once and now builds cigar box ukes and 3 string guitars. At the other end of the spectrum, my brother once bought two electric pianos in a week, only to stop taking lessons the next month. Last week I tried printmaking, and I’ve since spent hundreds of dollars not just on art supplies, but new furniture to turn my sunroom into a studio. I haven’t done any sort of visual arts since school – who knows if I’ll be still interested by the time I’ve set up the workspace?

    I saw someone tweet that ADHDers should combine resources and start hobby libraries. You can borrow my rollerskates, I’ll have a go with your pottery wheel.

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