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High-Tech Helpers for Your ADHD Brain

Get organized at work and home with seven of our favorite techy tools. From super smart watches to fail-safe alarms, these gadgets will help anyone with ADHD stay on schedule.

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  1. Keeping on top of my weekly/monthly budget and sticking to spending limits has been… let’s call it ‘challenging’ for most of my life (despite excelling at tech and project management’)

    I search and trialed a tonne of apps and the best and most useful one I found was pocketbook. You can send spend limits like $200 per week for groceries, $40 for coffees, X for fuel and so on. It maps to your bank account and then allows you to teach it what bank/atm transactions into which spend category.

    The best part is the notifications that pop up and tell you ‘hey you’ve got $20 left to spend this week on fuel. It even congratulates you when you spend less (how sweet).

    Ps I have zero affiliation with the app/company – it works for me – hopefully if you have a similar ‘opportunity to get ya sh*t together better’ when it comes to your finances, it may help you too.

  2. My son’s psychiatrist recommended a fitbit – we have set up alarms twice a day to remind him to take his meds. It also vibrates 10 minutes before the hour, reminding him to get up and take some exercise and it reminds him of time passing.

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