Teens with ADHD
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Pick Your Battles, Parents

The teenage years mean new independence — and mistakes. Use this 10-step plan to help your teen manage ADHD on his own terms by letting him make mistakes, choosing your priorities, and nixing parental guilt.

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  1. This is a great article! Raising teens with ADHD is extremely challenging. Unfortunately, even with all of this in place, I learned that too much freedom too fast can be too much for our teen to handle. Even with boundaries such as curfew, location tracking, no sleepovers, etc. my teen with ADHD was overwhelmed with freedoms of driving and the ability to go to friends and eat lunch off CSU’s. He experimented with drugs and alcohol with friends and was instantly hooked as he found an escape from a lifetime of stress that the consequences of ADHD place on these kids. I would have never thought this would have happened to him. Parents, be very aware of this as a real possibility for your teen with ADHD. He was allowed freedoms with boundaries and still ran into massive life trouble.

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