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Why We Must Achieve Equitable ADHD Care for African American and Latinx Children

Inadequate ADHD interventions for Black and Latinx children is a multifactorial problem – the result of distrust in medical providers due to historical trauma, coupled with disparities in diagnosis and treatment, plus relatively poor access to care. Furthermore, inadequate treatment for ADHD will and can result in serious consequences at school that negatively impact the health and wellbeing of children of color. It is crucial, therefore, for clinicians to provide early and adequate intervention for ADHD in these children.

3 Comments: Why We Must Achieve Equitable ADHD Care for African American and Latinx Children

  1. I am curious as to why ADDitude is using the term “LatinX” in reference to people of Hispanic origin. Recent polling shows that: “Only 2 percent of those polled refer to themselves as Latinx, while 68 percent call themselves “Hispanic” and 21 percent favored “Latino” or “Latina” to describe their ethnic background, according to the survey from Bendixen & Amandi International, a top Democratic firm specializing in Latino outreach.”

    Also, “40 percent said Latinx bothers or offends them to some degree and 30 percent said they would be less likely to support a politician or organization that uses the term.”

    I understand that ADDitude is likely coming at this with positive intentions, but you risk pushing away people who may benefit from your resources.

  2. Continued Remarks-
    I did want to add that I thought the above article was excellently written and researched. I agree with and support 99% of what was written. My only exception is with the “Equity Language” as it relates to the (Minority Extremist) “Equity Movement”
    I Don’t disagree wholly with the movement, but parts are highly controversial and divisive.

    Also, no serious study on Minority disparity should avoid directly addressing the issue of Fatherlessness. I did like and support the idea of educating parents of minority children on healthy parenting practices. I think it is a great approach and will help tremendously- along with other societal changes that are badly needed to assist in achieving Equality and fostering success in an underserved and disadvantaged population.

  3. This is my first negative comment in all my years with ADDitude as an active reader and ADHD Activist/educator.
    It’s disappointing that ADDitude is adopting the “Equity” Language- It’s loaded with partisan meaning and is off-putting to about 50% of your demographic. And just to be clear… I believe there are REAL inequities that must be addressed and fixed, but the “Equity Movement Doctrine’ includes extreme elements that are NOT generally accepted or understood by people who would otherwise read the word “Equity” and think it’s synonymous with “Equality”.
    I’m guessing my opinion isn’t popular in Academic circles, but it is popular with half of America. (And that includes a large and growing number minority groups.)
    Just wanted you to let you know.

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