Can We Treat ADHD Naturally?
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Green Time: A Natural Remedy for ADHD Symptoms

Can attention deficit symptoms be eased by alternative ADHD treatments like exercise? Research shows "green" time can lead to an increased ability to focus for both adults and children.

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  1. Two years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 70. I had used various means to manage my symptoms over the years especially delegating timeliness, forgetfulness, and organization to an assistant. When I became exceptionally stressed i would leave the office and take a scenic riverside route brimming with trees and grass to my favorite English Garden Park. The 500 acres and its much smaller english garden, bronze sculpture walkway and riverside path a few miles from my office was just the remedy to restore some calm to me. 20 to 30 minutes in this mileu was enough to send me back with renewed energy and focus. Initially i needed to do this at lunch hour when i had a desk job, but I gravitated to a career that called for me to be out of the office to do my work. After retirement and moving to a Condo we had all the walls painted in 5 varying shades of light green. As it has always been my favorite color. Without question it has made a difference. PS i have always lived adjacent to or very near rivers and streams and parks. Perhaps this has had some effect on my success as a Consultant/ Business Owner.

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