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Forgetfully Yours

"ADHD manifests itself in different ways. Some people are more inattentive; others fidget more. I'm a certified space cadet. Sometimes it's the blurry, just-beyond-the-horizon feeling of something missing. Other times it's the smack-into-a-glass-door hit."

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  1. I hadn’t realised that this was why I tend to overpack! I’ve learned to be nervous about leaving anything behind, because it’s not easy for me to look ahead.

  2. My husband likes things tidy, especially the vehicles. And I know that is the best way to have them… But, as refreshing as a spic and span van inside and out can be, it stresses me out, I procrastinate, or do a mini clean that at least gets the trash and toys out. But without my cornucopia of stuff we will need something while we are out, and I won’t have remembered to pack it. The pack-rat pile in the trunk (and front seat) calms my nerves.

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