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Fishing for Martin

Meet Martin, a 10-year-old with ADD who surprises his mom with a fishing trip - and a strong streak of leadership, organization, and attentiveness that she never imagined.

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  1. I also do well in similar circumstances. I suspect that ADHDers jump to systematic/pattern thinking.

    If we’re told to catch a fish, we’re thinking of how to make a net . So, when the goal is to enjoy something, our brains quickly collect all that’s required to make it happen, especially if there’s a social element. We think like popcorn rather than linearly, so an activity maps onto that kind of thinking, we’ll do well. We can simulate what’s needed and do it immediately, rather than following a set task list (reacting).

    ADHD is a different setting and only a disorder relative to the environment. We often need treatment, but we should also recognize when we don’t.

  2. I just want to say, Thank you for sharing this story! My son has adhd and the most we ever see him calm, well mannered and patient is when we go fishing. He turns into this other little boy almost. It makes us so proud that he has a genuine interest in the outdoors and fishing. hes only 6 yrs old and does everything for himself. he knows exactly how to determine which lure or bait to use. He baits his own hook. ties his own lures. takes his own fish off. can fish for hrs upon hrs and never get in trouble or become hyper. Unfortunately, his behavior is the same when he plays video games. We recently started limiting the game time in hopes that he’ll find another hobby that really interests him like fishing! Also worth noting… he is not on medication yet.

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