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How to Find Love (and Like!) When You Have ADHD

The first rule of dating with ADHD: Like your partner as much as you love them.

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  1. I agree with EmeraldMaz too. Using gender neutral terms is much more convenient and is applicable to all. Being inclusive is not the same as being PC. This ‘Anti PC Brigade’ narrative doesn’t apply to everything.

  2. I agree with EmeraldMaz. It was odd that the article jumped to only talking about female partners and made it more difficult to read- a little alienating for those who it did not apply to, and would have been easy for the author to fix.

  3. This may seem like a quibble, but could this be edited to be more gender neutral in the language. It’s rather jarring and seems dismissive of non-males.

    1. EmeraldMaz: Quibble? Yes. Jarring? I didn’t even notice?
      I’d say you’re caught up in the “look for the PC criminal” mindset of our current times. The article was written by a man so if it sounds like it comes from a male perspective, it does. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
      This abhorrence to specific gender or traditional gender has got to stop. It’s causing much more turmoil than it’s worth.
      Read the article, than use your intelligence to make it apply to yourself in your brain as you see fit.
      There is nothing wrong with the way it was written.

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