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When to Fire Your Doctor

Feel rushed or brushed off at the doctor? It can mean the difference between properly managing your ADHD and feeling misguided. Learn how to find the best doctor for your treatment and when it's time to show yours the door.

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  1. While I appreciate the contents of this article (and agree with them for the most part), I just wanted to point out something concerning about the use of pronouns. “He/his” pronouns are solely used when describing positive attributes, while “she/her” pronouns are solely used when describing negative attributes. This is concerning as it may result in subconscious associations of negative practices with persons who identify as female, and of positive practices with persons who identify as male. Please ask your writers to be conscious of these patterns in the future. Suggestions to avoid them include using gender neutral pronouns throughout, or switching up he/she pronouns between negative and positive attributes.

  2. This article assumes there are choices. In rural areas there often are NOT choices. Sometimes the best you can do is find someone who might listen to you…maybe.

    I wish Additude would be more attentive to this when they discuss finding providors!

  3. Our pediatrician prescribed 20 mg of vyvanase for my 4 yr old. I felt like we were going with the low and slow approach. After being up for almost 24 hrs watching him in such an over the top mania. I read that he could have started with 5mg. Then I lost my mind. We are in process of an evaluation by a pediatric psychiatrist now that has met all the criteria of the description above. He very well may need a med, but I want it coming from a specialist.
    Thanks, first post, still absorbing all the information I can

  4. My mother and I went to a psychiatrist for the first time to treat my ADHD (which was undiagnosed but my symptoms were there) and when we got there, the doctor didnt even let me speak. I told him that i could have ADHD and he just brushed it off. He asked me a lot of questions but he just let me say yes or no, or just a tiny commentary. I talk a lot, so I felt a bit disconnected from the doctor, he just gave me some medication and then we left. We just scheduled another psychiatrist hour with someone recommended to us, so I hope that person understands better and doesnt want to just get me out of there!

    1. My experience has been that most doctors and psychiatrists are woefully uninformed about ADHD. The frightening point here is most prescribe antidepressants or antianxiety which have been PROVEN to worsen ADHD symptoms.
      Run from any doctor that offers up those drugs to treat you.

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