Meditation for ADHD
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Faith, Hope, and ADHD

The challenges of attention deficit try even the strongest souls. These ADDitude readers renew their spirit through prayer and trust in a higher power.

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  1. Many of these recommend prayer, which I do almost daily. However, how does one focus during prayer? Usually you are in a quiet place, and when I am in a quiet place my mind wanders. Actually it’s wanders constantly, but that’s not the point. I try to focus on praying but then I focus on the act of paying attention that I’ve gone on another tangent in my mind. Any recommendations?

    1. Hey there, might I suggest writing your prayers out. On your phone works, but my favorite is good ol fashioned pen and paper- in a beautifully decorated journal. When I wrote my prayers out, it did multiple things for me:
      1. It helps me to focus Bc the act of writing makes you have to slow down and concentrate on the words
      2. Helps me remember things I’ve prayed about
      3. Helps me see when/how God has answered my prayers
      4. Serves as a way to look back on God’s help in times I’m feeling low
      5 Allows me to record anything God speaks to me
      6. Serves as a creative outlet for me, as I journal prayers, verses, etc, but can also add in drawings or doodles or whatever.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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