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Emotional Instability: A Core Symptom of ADHD?

A new report claims that emotional instability should be listed as a core symptom of ADHD in the DSM, instead of just hyperactivity and inattention.

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  1. From the information gathered mainly through ADDitude, I see no difference between the symptoms of ADD and BPD, but it seems the average psychiatrist does not recognize this resemblance and does not convey the correct information to the parents/carers or to the patient himself. ADD and ADHD are still thought of as a children’s problem, mainly disturbing the teacher’s control of the class and solving the problem by stuffing the child with a molecule identical to the cocaine molecule! So research re treatment and identification of the seriousness of this chronic/sometimes fatal disease is very superficial.

  2. It will come as no surprise to a lot of researchers if emotional dysregulation can be seen as a core feature of ADHD. Bi-facor theory would actually predict that ADHD and borderline personality disorder would share most core features.

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