Meltdowns & Anger
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Take a Deep Breath: Teaching Kids to Control Emotions

Meltdowns happen. But when your child has ADHD, it can be more difficult for him to learn how to control emotions and impulsive reactions. Teach him how to keep his cool with a plan for action and coping strategies.

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  1. Hello,
    This article is really helpful, but what if my 11 year old is melting down because she can’t tie her shoe or for instance, she was having a meltdown because she was trying to cut a piece of pizza with a butter knife and fork and was understandably struggling to do so. I suggested that she just pick it up and this is like throwing gasoline of a fire. I don’t know how to disengage in a power struggle at this point. She doesn’t take responsibility for the choices she makes. I don’t know what she wants from me and I don’t know how to diffuse the situation. If I ignore her she just gets louder and more dramatic until she gets the negative attention she is asking for. My patience runs thin in situations like this. The most difficult part is that she won’t accept help or alternative suggestions to her actions OR her way of expressing/coping with frustrations. She is very righteous and stubborn. What do I do? She is very resistant and uncooperative when I try to give her tools to help herself. When I try to open a dialogue and get her input she never has anything to offer.

    1. I was wondering if you got any helpful advice for this? Our 6 year old daughter sounds a lot like your daughter.

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